Monday, January 21, 2013


If you saw me again today,
when you close your eyes,
I'd be smiling, smiling so big.
I would be there with the white dress that I always loved, the one that captivated your eyes.
You would be able to see me for as long as you want,
make me say things you want me to say.

Isn't it great?

We're not going to be like another lover.
You don't have to worry about how you look in my eyes,
You don't have to worry about whether you say the right words to impress me.
I'd always be happy.
I'd always be smiling, smiling so big,
like when you first saw me.
If you saw me again today,
I'd live another day.

I'd breathe the air you give me in your memory.
As death cannot beat memory,
nor it can beat insanity.
What we always have, is more than time, more than space, more than the distance, my dear.

It was the best time to fall in love,
the right time to keep me in your mind.
Blue sky, tender wind, white dress, two pairs of eyes that couldn't take themselves off each other.

I'm here, I'm with you, and I'll never leave,
as long as you remember me,
and devote your love to me, and me only,
and the blue sky, tender wind, white dress, and my eyes.

21st of January, 2013, in a small piece of paper


  1. Wahh, puisinya dalem banget. As usual, u're great with words. Btw, sorry for my late introduction.

    I'm Griselda Sukmoro and thanks a lot for your comment on my blog. I was extremely surprised by it (I was going to send a fan mail to you like I did to Kak Windhy and Kak Prisca, but then I think you didn't publicize it).

    In any case, I'll look forward for anything you write. Always proud to have talented Indonesian fellows :D