Monday, January 28, 2013


some crazy things can happen in your life. you might get a lottery, or meet the love of your life, have a car crash, get broken heart, get raped, your parents get divorced, or anything else.

when you start to write fiction, it's even crazier. you like constructing a world, a simulation of real world. and every single happy and sad moment become part of the fiction world. sometimes when you write it down in fiction, in an event assigned to certain character, you start to see what you went through in more objective point of view. the event seemed to be very personal to you, but when you put it down in words in fiction, when you started to make it as a part of the story line or a backdrop of a character, it becomes less personal. somehow. to me, at least. you understand the feeling or the event better, you feel like you're just a creator looking at it from afar.

i found it pretty strange yet relieving.

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